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This site provides access to information on the genealogy of the John and Dicey (Clark) McMahan II lines and lines of Gaines, Pollard, Wiggonton, Burgess, Robinson, Massey, Wigley, Cook, Groover, Smith and Hudson Families.

This site contains information published in "McMahan Blood II" by Albert Neal McMahan; The Gregath Publishing Company; 1990 and 2000.

Special thanks to Albert McMahan for compiling this information. Thanks also to Albert for putting together the McMahan family reunion every June. Anyone interested in the McMahans or connected families should feel free to join us in Ranburne, Cleburn County, Alabama. We meet on the second Sunday in June for a potluck meal at the Old Hopewell Baptist Church. The adjoining cemetery contains the graves of many of our ancestors.

Questions about this site? Email us at info@mcmahanblood.com


Our Annual McMahan Reunion is the second Sunday in June at Old Hopewell Baptist Church at Old Hopewell, Cleburne County, Alabama.

This years annual McMahan reunion will be held on Sunday, June 14th 2015.

We will begin assembly at or before 12:00 Noon (Alabama time). Lunch will be at Noon. Please bring a dish to share with everyone. After lunch we will discuss the maintenance and updating of McMahan Blood that was published in 1990.

In the past we would assemble at 11:00 or 11:30 but the church has started Sunday school classes where we meet, so we can not get in until that is over which may be as late as 12:00.

    To get to Old Hopewell Baptist Church get off I-20 at Exit 210 located about 4 miles west of the Alabama-Georgia state line and drive south to the second black topped road, then right and continue to the Old Hopewell Baptist Church on the left. Anyone needing additional information email me as shown above.



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The Origin of the McMahan Name

McMahan Blood by Wiley Clark McMahan        ("McMahan Blood II" page 7)

The Family of John McMahan I          ("McMahan Blood II" page 31) 

The Family of John McMahan II        ("McMahan Blood II" page 33)

The Family of Sarah Ann McMahan-King        ("McMahan Blood II" page 37)

The Family of William McMahan           ("McMahan Blood II" page 43)

The Family of John William McMahan           ("McMahan Blood II" page 53)

The Family of Henry Miles McMahan           ("McMahan Blood II" page 147)

The Family of James Marion McMahan          ("McMahan Blood II" page 199)

The Family of George Washington McMahan         ("McMahan Blood II" page 271)

Documents and Pictures          ("McMahan Blood II" page 375)

The Family of Franklin LaFayette McMahan        ("McMahan Blood II" page 417)

The Family of Cephus Belford McMahan         ("McMahan Blood II" page 445)

The Family of Wiley Clark McMahan         ("McMahan Blood II" page 523)

The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan         ("McMahan Blood II" page 565)

The Family of Edmond Pendleton McMahan         ("McMahan Blood II" page 597)

The Family of Clark T. McMahan         ("McMahan Blood II" page 631)

The Family of Elizabeth McMahan-Tyler         ("McMahan Blood II" page 633)

The Family of John McMahan III         ("McMahan Blood II" page 637)